Actionable Results 

The Tellus Care Report provides actionable information that can improve the quality of care for your loved one. 


Sleep schedule

We provide data on wake up and sleep times, including time to fall sleep. This information is critical in the organization of care.

> Optimize your home care around a sleep schedule.

> Only pay for care when you need it. 


night time activity and wandering

We measure sleep disturbances including wakes up times, and timing of leaving the bed to use the bathroom or wander.  

> Increase in night-time activity can indicate a change in cognitive state or medication. 

> Objective data helps you decide if you need to hire night care.




quality of sleep 

Measures of sleep quality include: Hours of sleep, Time to fall asleep, and Movement during sleep.

> Sleep Disturbances can increase the risk of falls in older adults.

> Doctors can use this information to asses the affects of various medications.

> Interventions can be used to improve sleep hygiene including timed night-lights, medication reviews and limiting screen time. 



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      Our sensors have sub-millimeter accuracy.

  Compared to wearables and cameras,

our technology is non-contact and