Frequently Asked Questions


How does it work?

Each outlet plug contains a radar unit, which constantly monitors the surroundings for movement. The units communicate over cellular data to our cloud service and to your other units.


How many devices are needed?

2-3 devices will be enough for most households. Each unit has a detection radius of 30 feet, and can detect through walls. A typical 3 unit setup would look like: 1 unit in the kitchen and living room, 1 in the bedroom, and 1 in the bathroom. 


How do I set up the device?

Set up can be done on our website or our iOS app. The quick process involved inputting emergency contact information and selecting what notifications and alerts you would like.



What do you measure?

To start, we are measuring:

  • Falls
  • Sleep and wake time
  • Walking and long periods of inactivity
  • Leaving and entering specific rooms as well as the household

Even more features are in the pipeline.


What is included in the $99/year plan?

Our service includes:

  • Emergency contact in the case of falls
  • Customizable alerts and notifications when events happen
  • A dashboard view of what's happening



Will there be false alarms?

We are hard at work making sure our device is 100% accurate. Until that time, we are using voice confirmation to confirm that help is needed.


Will this pick up pets?

Pets will be filtered out based on their weight and unique doppler radar signatures.


Is radar safe?

Compared to the electromagnetic waves emitted from your cell phone, our radar emits waves 1/100 as strong.


What if there are multiple people in the room?

We can still do fall detection! Other metrics are harder to do, but we are at work making algorithms to distinguish people.